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Candidates who are retained for consideration will be required to complete a written test.

Failure to do so will result in the application being rejected without further consideration.

Education: Successful candidates must possess a valid work permit or otherwise be permitted to work legally in Hong Kong by the closing date and for the duration of the employment period.

Successful candidates must be able to obtain and maintain a valid security clearance / Reliability Status (RS).

Iran Senator Feinstein strongly believes that the only way to peacefully resolve the international community’s dispute with Iran over its nuclear program is through diplomacy. She believes that the international community must take action to prevent this terror organization from further consolidating control in the Middle East and exporting violent terrorism worldwide. S.-China Relations There is no more important long-term bilateral relationship for the United States than the relationship with China.

She supports the nuclear agreement between the P5 1 (the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, China and Russia) and Iran. The entry of China into the World Trade Organization, which Senator Feinstein supported, continues to expand opportunities for California companies to export a wide variety of products to the growing Chinese market.

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Global Affairs Canada provides opportunities for a career that is global in scale, offering a wealth of international perspectives that increase professional skills and expand cultural perceptions.

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