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One day Kitty’s seemingly unfocused personal life was lifted away with the announcement of her plans to marry Daniel.However, Kitty’s loyal fans believe the marriage was merely a PR stunt to boost Daniel‘s sinking popularity.Daniel had to travel the world with his father who is a professional photographer.It is rumored that during Daniel‘s stay in Africa, Kitty started developing feelings for Tippy, a strong and kind-hearted bear who constantly competes with Daniel for Kitty’s affection. Does he know he hasn't been dating a cat all these years?

Daniel and Kitty have known each since childhood (kittyhood? They shared many interests, but their relationship was never easy.

This shocker came from Sanrio themselves: "Hello Kitty is not a cat.

She does have a pet cat of her own, however, and it's called Charmmy Kitty." My life is all a lie. This is what I believe Hello Kitty will grow up to look like: [Drawing above done by my super-talented artist friend Artgerm, in response to the shocking Hello Kitty news.

Recently, she was named the ambassador of Japanese tourism in China and Hong Kong (check out our previous blog entry ““). His name is, “Dear Daniel.” Dear Daniel was introduced as a Sanrio Character in 1999.

So, who is manly enough to date a celebrity like Hello Kitty? Dear Daniel (real name: ““) was born on May 3 in London.

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Moss writes in a book called "Hello Kitty Hello Everything", but one that would certainly prefer a catnap to catnip." And so the designer drafted a white cat wearing a red bow and blue overalls.

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