Dating a married man for his money

Both can be difficult to do if you have been deeply attached to him emotionally.To help you set some distance, you should consider how the relationship has affected your life negatively.He may try to downplay his sexual relationship with the wife to you, but in the end, he goes home to her, sleeps with her and plays husband-and-wife with her, and "sadly" not with you. You waste precious time Youre not getting younger while youre having a relationship with a married man.

You should begin to impose physical and emotional boundaries.

Many cheating men still love their wives and kids and can summarily end the relationship with you, if it threatens to disturb his marriage.

Youll be depressed, left alone and theres nothing you can do about it. You should be ready for a huge fight There is always the risk that his crazed wife will call you incessantly or, worse bang on your door, when she finds out.

Nevertheless, the situation is certainly very tempting and if an irresistible woman gives even the slightest hint of opportunity, its quite likely for a man to cheat or at least, take a little pleasure for some time.

Cheating men are confident that they wont get caught if they take necessary precautions.

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