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Her reply has stuck with me in it’s perfection ever since. So I got up at 3 in the morning and wrote before everyone was up.I just did it.” I have thought of that exchange many times since, especially when I have felt too tired to take on another project or to pursue something that I really want. I added “writer” to my bio in all of my personal social media bios.In fact, oddly, or perhaps no so oddly, at this time I stopped writing pretty much altogether. I thought about a conversation I had year ago with my grandmother, whom I call Ga, about goals. Ga has written a handful of books over the years but the first was while raising 5 kids under the age of 10 and helping her husband run a booming business.Then at the end of December I had a sit down with myself and wrote down what my goals for the next few years were. I asked her how she did it, how she found the time and discipline.Welcome to the modern drinking era where the wine bar has replaced the pub.I say this because Neptune, Windsor's latest all-singing all-dancing wine diner, bottle shop and cocktail bar on High Street can feel more like a club than wine bars you know.Non-fish snacks tend towards chicken liver parfaits (a fine, fairly sweet version), a swathe of broad bean hummus and pork terrines.As plates get bigger they opt for drink-appropriate heft.

Today while reading The Forest For The Trees I started thinking about how long this desire has been inside of me to write. To the teachers every year from elementary school all the way through college who told me to keep writing and never stop, that I had a voice to and a natural talent to communicate though words.If Neptune is capitalising on the wine bar craze, it's at least doing so well. The list has options for nerds (there's the bright Riesling Freak No 3, or a rapatel for those who want their white with a little grip) as well as safe, familiar options for newbies (Cloudy Bay chardonnay from Marlborough).And if your date is heading to home base, you can grab any bottle from the fridge and take it to go.This prompted a weird behavior to announce to people at random times about how much I wanted to write a book.I had no other information to offer them other than this desire though.

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