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To be blunt Don't buy this game, every patch there are changes and some of these changes have cost players millions in the game currency, and also hundreds of dollars in real money from the vaunted real money auction house.It is with regret that I admit that the game designers have clearly dropped the ball and created a sub par Blizzard Product. Anyone that's looking for more of Diablo 2's atmosphere and exact gameplay should look elsewhere as Diablo 3 really moves a bit past what its past incarnation was.

At first when I played Diablo III, it was a great storyline;however, I quickly found the fact that it forces you into certain play modes insanely frustrating.Another reason I give this game a second star is because my twin nephews love it but they are only 5 and enjoy super basic point and click "imitation" Diablo 3. We were very excited about this game but within a few weeks of getting it my kids wanted to go back to Titan Quest for this type of game.To quote my 9 year old "Titan Quest is just more fun."A suggestion to blizzard, when you create an Role Playing Game character/skill development is the primary item of interest in these games. This game has no character development and making good gear so rare that you have to buy it or play for 1000 of hours to get one piece of it does not make the game fun for most of us.This has better graphics and a more dungeon feel to it but does not show up on any of the important points for an RPG game."Click your way to level 60".This is the phrase Blizzard uses on the button to upgrade your free version of Diablo 3 to the full version and, I have to say, that is the only thing you do.

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