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Welcome to discreet date, the place where like-minded adults get together for intimate relationships on a strictly no strings basis.If you are looking for a discreet adult sex date then this is the site for you.An example of the standard use is: The driving exam has several discrete, non-overlapping sections, all of which must be passed in order for you to be awarded a license, Mr. Like discreet, discrete came into English through Old French and has its origins in the past participle of the Latin discernere, meaning both “to separate” and “to discern.” Discrete covers a variety of meanings related to the “separate” element of the Latin word’s meaning.You can see now that each of the words in the pair discreet/discrete develops one of the two main meanings of the Latin root from which they both come.Because we have to be completely discreet about this project, I have divided the work into discrete units so that - even inadvertently - no one will be able to let our competition know exactly what our product will be.This pair of easily confused words, with no difference in spelling except a transposed letter and no difference in pronunciation at all, are tough words to differentiate.People change throughout their lives, and sometimes it's just not realistic, even if you do stay together, that one partner should lock themselves away from experiencing emotions for any other person.

As they say 'absense makes the heart grow fonder' - and there's no way of being mentally more distant from a relationship than being with another partner.

We also offer a TOTALLY FREE UPGRADE service for all female members, this allows us to ensure that we do not become a site top heavy with too many males and not enough females who are seeking a naughty piece of fun.

Our basic membership package still has plenty to offer, fill in your profile and you will instantly be viewable to over 100,000 horny adults.

Be warned that there are images within of full frontal nudity and many of the adverts are of an extreme explicit nature.

Due to the personal circumstances of some members (they are married) they prefer to show an image of their more intimate parts rather than their faces.

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Read on for some clues about how you might master this tricky pair.

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