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So much blood goes into my boners that I definitely get stupider when I get one! It's a reflex action wherein your body actually goes into boner mode when the urge to urinate is intense (see #5) in an attempt to stop a guy from pissing themselves involuntarily. Interestingly enough, the size of your penis (and by proxy, boners) can change slightly over time based on factors like age and health.

" Sorry, bro, you were just as stupid before the boner.7. A lot of guys worry about the size of their boners and how they measure up to everyone else. There's a very careful ratio of size, elasticity, and tightness that must be considered.

Whether or not they succeeded is a personal matter.16.

Do you guys get morning wood literally every morning?

It's not that much blood going into the penis, so other than feeling arousal and sensitivity, we really don't feel different. This question came up a lot, oftentimes with better grammar. Some people feel more comfortable asking a stranger about his dick on the Internet than they do asking friends or loved ones about their dicks in person. Any guy who has gotten a boner near a ruler has measured it.

I know some dude somewhere is shouting at his computer/phone screen "Yo, my dick is huge! If you live in a house with a guy, you might want to desensitize that yardstick.

This is one of those things that's definitely going to vary from person to person and is heavily dependent on the situation.

Men have a pretty big disconnect between physical/visual and emotional arousal compared to women, so it really just feels good to do. There's nothing really going on there in terms of joints or complex muscles, but we can make it jump/twitch if we focus really, really hard.

One last word of caution: what's about to happen below is some real talk and it's going to get pretty gross and weird and awesome.1. I'm glad this was asked, because it never hurts to start with the basics and it doesn't get more basic than this.

A boner, or erection, occurs when blood flow to the penis is increased, causing it to become hard and engorged.

In what season of "Growing Pains" did Boner leave to join the marines? They should really be more focused on how to actually have good sex, considering the average length of the vaginal canal (during arousal) is about 4 inches. It can be a legitimate and constant medical condition, or it can happen temporarily to anyone when it gets really cold.11. It's ideal to have pants that are tight enough that your boner isn't going to stick straight out and knock your co-worker's coffee cup over, but not so tight that same co-worker can see every outline and detail. They'll keep everything in place and make the pants ratio conundrum a non-issue.

If neither of these are options, crouch in some heavy foliage until your penis is flaccid.12.

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