Esfp dating enfp

We'd appreciate their warm, outgoing nature, their generosity, and their tendency to indulge the senses.I think I'd really like being spoiled and pampered (and occasionally thrust into the limelight) by an ESFP friend or partner.I'm trying to imagine myself around a person who makes every day a party--someone who attracts a crowd wherever he/she goes and performs to make those people happy. However, it might drain an INFJ who was forced to endure it for long periods of time.Also, we INFJs intuitively seek out complex intellectual discussions with metaphors and heavy symbolism, and this might conflict with the ESFP's need for direct, literal communication.Here are a few of their strengths and weaknesses (according to Personality Page and my Mass Match hard copy): Personality Page says "Although two well-developed individuals of any type can enjoy a healthy relationship, ESFP's natural partner is the ISTJ, or the ISFJ.

It didn't end well and now we are in an awkward on again/off again thing.

A deep connection with an INFJ is a beautiful thing. It worked really well for a while because we had a sort of instant chemistry...

So is the warm, generous, and outgoing personality an ESFP has to offer. We really balanced each other out well (I'm more practical and she does whatever she feels like doing at any moment regardless of the consequences).

His simple logical approach to solving problems and issues absolutely amazes me every day.

I am off lost in dreamland half the time and can agonize over things/ideas/issues/problems for hours, days, weeks etc...

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