Foot fetish and dating

When I was your age (22), I was married to a woman to whom I never revealed my foot fetish.It must have taken all of about a millisecond to take in the pedicure, pretty toes, shapely foot...Perhaps if he sent out 100 emails, he may find one willing to take them up on his offer. I remember the Sex and the City episode where Charlotte met the high end shoe salesman who ended up giving her a discount if she would model the shoes and he could touch her feet.She ended up feeling cheap and gave the shoes back. not just your face, titz, and @ss Question for you Just Curious, do you find feet attractive if the girl is pretty or it doesn't matter if the feet are kept in good shape? I reveal my love of pretty feet in that first "Sex Talk" with a prospective partner. Funny thing about that is, contrary to popular belief, research says that a foot fetish is the most common fetish among males out there. you are gonna have to get comfortable with ALL of your bodies... Question for you Just Curious, do you find feet attractive if the girl is pretty or it doesn't matter if the feet are kept in good shape? Today I am no longer ashamed of my foot fetish, but like many things, it's all in the approach.Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc. Fortunately for me, the delightful lady in question enjoys the fact that I find all of her attractive - from head to toes and all points in between, the physical body and the person wearing it.Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... She "gets" me - thinks I'm amusing, tolerates my occasional lapse of language because apparently I curse "creatively" and indulges my weakness.

But just dismiss it by saying, "I'm not a 'leg man', 'breast man', or 'a$$ man'. It as the female body part that *I* find most attractive." Sure, there will be some who look at us as weird, and run for the hills, but no big loss there.

Guys, if you think it's hard to disguise your eyes slipping down to cleavage level for a peek, consider how much more difficult it is to glance another 4 or so feet (ha) down, ah such is the hell that's the life of a footman ;)Anyway, a toast to those glorious ladies who dress their shapely high arches and pedicured pretty toes into strappy sandals, secure in the knowledge that they possess one of the greatest assets in the arsenal of feminine seductiveness. Men should rightfully show their appreciation by kissing and sucking on them.

I have made love to two women in my life and I kissed and sucked on both of their feet. But the second had many men suck and kiss her feet. I worked with a nice young fellow many years ago, that was from Innuvik, in the Canadian Arctic.

It seems it's about half and half when it comes to women who either love or dont mind guys with foot fetishes and those women that just cant stand it. If it's a female I'm not attracted to, more than likely, I'm not feelin it. She became my second wife, and we enjoyed 12 years of massages, pedicures, and foot worship.

As long as a woman is attractive to me, I'd like to rub and kiss on her foots. At 30 I finally found myself with a woman with whom I felt I could be completely open with about my particular fetish.

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At that time I felt that there was something wrong with me for liking women's feet.

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