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Now under corporate ownership, the venue’s management ensures fire safety and capacity laws are strictly enforced. To no one’s surprise, I’m sure, the audience was mostly girls who haven’t yet reached the age where their illusions of romance lie in tatters, although Perry herself dropped a few hints of adult-type cynicism about male-female relations.“You know how you break up with a guy but you keep having sex but then you wonder why you’re good enough to sleep with but not date? Minor controversies have dogged Perry’s meteoric rise—critics have charged that “I Kissed a Girl” is simply a play for attention by this former singer of evangelical pop, never mind the fact that talented singer/songwriter Jill Sobule had a minor hit with her own song of the same name back in ‘ sum it all up, it's definitely a well-rounded album: It's not just a few singles here or there and some filler," he said."It's got some reoccurring themes from the first Papercut Chronicles, musically and lyrically, and people who were in love with the Papercut Chronicles are gonna pick up on that.Randy Hetrick is the creator of the TRX Suspension Trainer and the founder of TRX.Inventing a workout while operating in a war zone probably makes Hetrick's story one of the most interesting the fitness industry has ever known."Like I said on the last record, [2008's The Quilt,] ' '08 is gonna be great/ Imagine 2011.' October 25, you will be able to purchase and enjoy The Papercut Chronicles II," Mc Coy told MTV News. right now, we're actually circling third and about to slide into home, and then it's off to be mixed and mastered, and then it's out for public consumption." A spokesperson for Gym Class Heroes' label could not be reached to confirm the release date, and while Mc Coy played it, well, coy when asked about just what lead to the PCC II delay, he did say everything the group has been through has only made them — and their album — stronger.

In this episode of "Gym Class: Heroes of Fitness," Von Storch joins Hossein and Leigh to discuss operating a club with a city vibe, the differences between running a restaurant and a gym, and how he plans to expand his empire.

because I had all these people stoked about 2011 and about this record. So I'm excited we finally have a release date and that this album has definitely shaped up to be everything and more." Though fans have already gotten a preview of PCC II with its first single, "Stereo Hearts," Mc Coy said they're going to be surprised with the musical direction on the new album.

Sure, it's a continuation of the original Chronicles, but it's also a whole lot more. "It's always hard to listen to a song off a Gym Class Heroes record and kind of get a vibe for what the rest of the record is gonna sound like, but ...

Way back in March, Gym Class Heroes frontman Travie Mc Coy told MTV News that it was "definitely time" for a new album from the group.

Of course, at the time, he probably needed to check his watch: In May, Mc Coy promised the new GCH album — the sequel to 2005's The Papercut Chronicles — would be in stores "by late summer," and, well, summer's just about over, and there's still not been a release. On October 25, they'll release Papercut Chronicles II, and while it's not exactly summer, Mc Coy's not about to complain — in fact, he's just relieved that it'll finally be in stores.

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