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In Tanzania, where the research in this thesis was conducted, two species of schistosomes are highly endemic (Schistosoma haematobium and S.

mansoni), with more than 50% of adults infected with one or both schistosome species in many regions.

We witnessed their birth and contributed to their growth.

The good, the bad, the strong points, limitations and required stack components for your use case. Bi-directional connections between various online and offline services.

Secondly we believe you should hold the keys to your own castle.

If we create a product, tailor-made for your company, it is your product. We invite you to look at our track record, which has been going strong for almost two decades. You will see this way of doing things is actually working very well for all parties involved.

With that knowledge we create something truly useful for your company. Leverage technology which will actually aid your business, fit-for-purpose.We would like you to stay with us because you are happy and want to do so, not because we vendor-locked you in a corner. We realize this might be somewhat different from other companies you have dealt with, especially if coming from the more traditional corporate world. Useful, modern and tailored solutions, with fast roll-out.But make no mistake, in the end it is all just knowledge, code & SLA's - no tree-hugging involved. Based on solid choices which guarantee freedom and continuity for your company.Multi-channel carts, expiring via configurable timers. The underlying stack was also designed from scratch.The launch resulted in over 20K registered visitors on the first day.

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