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Characteristic Steves-on-the-street interviews open closed minds to the sophistication of Iranian citizens and their lack of antipathy toward Americans.In one scene, a man in a car pokes his head out the window and says to Steves, "Your heart is very kind." Steves is incredibly proud of his Iran film and is offering the DVD for to any community group that wants to discuss it.Some people say, "You're just being duped, you got a minder, he's only going to show you the good parts of the country." But we went through streets with angry anti-American posters. They traded away their freedom for a theocracy, out of fear. We don't want to torture people, we want to have civil liberties, we don't want our government reading our mail.But when we have fear, we let fear trump our commitment to our civil liberties and decency.We allow torture, we allow the government to read our mail.It's not because we're bad, it's because sometimes fear is more important than our core values. They've given up democracy because they know a theocracy will stand strong against encroaching Western values.And they remember the invasion like it was yesterday to them.It's amazing: They have a quarter of our population and they lost a quarter of a million people, fighting Hussein. I just feel we underestimate the spine of these people. And their values are not to destroy America and Israel.

Maybe they do fund terrorism, maybe they do want to destroy Israel, maybe they do stone adulterers. I just wanted to humanize the country and understand what makes its people tick.

'"Steves laughed out loud when he read that line, he told me. He's so good-natured and devoted in his PBS travel specials to showing places that Fodor's would never send tourists to in their floral shirts that he's created a monstrous new travel industry. But there's an activist side to Steves that many of his fans may not be aware of.

He's the apotheosis of the anti-Carnival Cruise crowd. Behind his abnormal geniality thrums a daring political agenda.

At the request of a friend in the United Nations to help "build understanding between Iran and the U.

S.," Steves has produced a loving portrait of the demonized country.

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