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If white men had some way to change these forests into fields, this land could make them wealthy.But this was not land you just set loose a hog or two on the year before you came down to build your cabin.In portraits from the period, his black hair is fine and perpetually messy.He frowns instead of smiles and his eyes are dark with some secret disappointment.The only bridge into town is the old stone-pillared toll bridge.In five years, when the Cherokee are forced across this bridge, sick, starving, afraid, Nashvillians will claim they were so moved by the suffering that they tried to help the refugees, but were rebuked by the soldiers escorting them. Almost everyone in Nashville has known Isaac Franklin since he was born.The richest man in the South, if not the whole United States, was born here, grew up here, lived here, married a local girl, and was laid to rest in one of the city’s finest cemeteries.Yet it would be hard to find a less-discussed historical figure.

Franklin passed vast fertile lands on his trips, lands with easy access to the port of New Orleans.Isaac Franklin was born in Sumner County, just north of Nashville, in 1789.His parents had survived Indian attacks on Mansker’s Station north of town in 1781 — a station was a privately owned fort — and fought at the Battle of the Bluffs when American Indians attacked Nashville in April of that same year.One of the traders gestures to the middle of the coffle.The dark corners of history leave us to imagine their conversation.

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