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The company’s 2017 EBITDA is expected to close at around million USD, which compares unfavorably to million USD as of 2016.

Despite lower 2017 EBITDA, Fitch estimates Tecnoglass EBITDA will expand to about million USD in 2018 as its backlog is fulfilled.

José Eusebio Otalora is President of the United States of Colombia, in his capacity as the Second Presidential Designate following the death of President Francisco Javier Zaldúa, and the non acceptance of the office by the First Designate Rafael Núñez.

President Rafael Nuñez creates the Colombian Constitution of 1886, which has been one of the longest lasting constitutions in the western hemisphere, and with the Reforms of 1910, 1936, 1958, 1968, 19 was the constitution of Colombia until 1991.

Based On a Solid Profile, Fitch Ratings Affirms Its BB- Rating for Tecnoglass with a Stable Outlook Fitch Ratings today affirmed its BB- ratings for the Barranquilla-based window-maker Tecnoglass (NASDAQ: TGLS), with a stable outlook, thanks to a solid profile, a competitive cost structure, and above-average growth.

Its growth slowed in 2017 as new construction in Colombia contracted and its U. order backlog was deferred during the first half of 2017.Tecnoglass’ order backlog expanded to 7 million USD as of June 30 of this year from 8 million USD a year ago. is such a big country and a powerful buyer that we still have a lot of growth to do in the U. is over billion USD, and we are hardly making 200 and some million dollars in sales.Though Tecnoglass in recent years has been selling more products within Colombia, as well as Panama, its main market continues to be the United States. S.” Tecnoglass COO Christian Daes told Finance Colombia in September. President Betancur achieves a ceasefire with 80% of guerrilla forces in the country.In the case of FARC, this would be linked to the creation of the political movement Patriotic Union (Colombia) UP during the next year.

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