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Globally, one in five relationships now start online, and the industry presents large economic potential.In the UK, for instance, between 20, Muslims were the fastest growing religious group - from three percent to 4.8 percent of Brits identifying as Muslim - to a total of 2.7 of the population.It claims to have more than 120,000 users across 123 countries, about two-and-a-half years after launching. The UK, its home country, is its biggest market, followed by the US, Canada, Pakistan and Australia, but it also caters to singles in Indonesia, India, Morocco, Malaysia, and Saudi Arabia, among others.

We make life difficult for ourselves by putting barriers up between ethnicities." The 32-year-old British Pakistani says it's working, with a couple of hundred now-married couples meeting on the charge-free network.Power's total his more than one request per workday of 2016 – far exceeding the numbers typical of someone in her position, which in the past have come in the low single digits, according to a report by Fox News.Unmasking occurs when a government official so-empowered requests the name of an American who appears in an intelligence repot be revealed.Ajmal Masroor - a 45-year-old imam born in Bangladesh but brought up in the UK, a broadcaster and a founder of the Barefoot Institute in London 15 years ago, which provides marriage advice and support for couples - says these young Muslims are the ABC1 - those with disposable income, an education, and an outward-looking view of the Islamic world. They are more inclusive in their approach; they are more British, perhaps more international," as opposed to their parents who may have grown up in villages and towns in South Asia, for instance.For Sana, her parents' generation broke ground in a Western country, fighting for a space for their identity, while she has been permitted a greater understanding of various ways to live, identities to assume and cultures to be a part of.

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