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The two writers are mutual admirers, and both have brought the proof: Winterson carries a copy of James’s A Brief History; James wants Winterson to sign three of her books, and they are not the obvious choices (Written On The Body, The Passion). It’s undergrad, so sometimes they don’t have time to get through a whole book. MJ You’re interested in debunking this idea that literature from women must be experiential.

So when you inject conflict, even in a classroom, they have no idea what to do with it. You have this trendy kind of Malcolm Gladwell [idea that] 10,000 hours is the holy grail of being able to achieve something.The IRS would call him out like, “,” he’s a BOSS because he just told you what it’s going to be and you took those orders like a worker. Why be loyal to the potential of a man becoming something more in the future when you can Spartan Up and get a man that wants more right now?If it’s your Choice to be “friends” and not make things serious, then you’re in control… There’s a difference between being a Teairra Mari and being a Beyoncé Carter, it’s called self-respect. ” He doesn’t want to slow down or be handcuffed because you aren’t who he pictured being handcuffed to.” “I haven’t taken my meds in four years and my parents don’t know.” I was like, “How warped is this discussion? Wait until they realise what’s in [Hermann Hesse’s] Steppenwolf.” Whatever problems they thought he had, they just found a medication to deal with it and sent him off to school. JW I like that idea in Hesse, that lots of people have already committed suicide, they ended their life long ago – they’re just nominally here. I always tell my students, “You are going to suffer, so make sure you suffer legitimately, for something you believe in.

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