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eduroam will provide you with wireless Internet access.When you are in Cambridge you can choose to connect wirelessly via either eduroam, the University of Cambridge Wireless Service or, if one exists, a wireless service provided by your College or Institution.Georgian security experts launched a counter-offensive by deliberately allowing a machine to become infected.This computer contained an infected ZIP file, called "Georgian-Nato Agreement".For some local services you will need to use your Raven password as your computer will not be using a Cambridge address.If you also have a VPN account you can use that to let your computer appear as if it were on the CUDN.Most sites participating in eduroam use the eduroam network name. IE/Edge - known issue (now believed to be resolved): If IE/Edge reports the CAT file as corrupt or invalid when you try to RUN the file within the web-browser, please download and SAVE the file, then RUN it from your local copy instead.If you go to a site that does not, you should follow local instructions to connect to the correct service. If you are having problems, for example eduroam access is still not working after following the instructions for your version of Windows, see What do I do if I'm having problems connecting to eduroam from my Windows system? In some cases—like on a workplace network—this setting is managed by a system administrator, and the setting can't be changed.

Georgian authorities allege that Russian intelligence agencies are mixed up in an ongoing cyber-espionage operation, citing intelligence obtained from their counter offensive (including data from Georbot C&C systems, decrypted communication mechanisms and malicious files) as evidence. The Georgian CERT paper concludes: "Advanced malicious software was collecting sensitive, confidential information about Georgian and American security documents and then uploading it to some of command and control Servers (which change[d] often upon detection).The series of malware-based attacks targeting Georgia government agencies and banks began around March 2011, the same time security analysts at the Georgian CERT launched an investigation.The attacker(s) planted malicious code on various Georgian news sites but only inserted into stories featuring headlines involving US-Georgia relations and NATO, subjects likely to be of interest to his target audience.Details of port restrictions are given on a separate page When you are away from Cambridge, and at a site that also participates in eduroam, you will be able to connect to their eduroam service using your Cambridge eduroam credentials.This means you will be able to access most of the services you use when you are connected to the CUDN.

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