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reported that TV evangelist Pat Robertson had commented at length on years-old nude photos of Melania Trump, a former model and the current wife of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, which had recently been republished in the Asked to elaborate on his take on the naked pictures in question, Robertson argued that the best part about them, “aside from the obvious beauty of Mrs.

Trump,” was the fact that they “were not vulgar,” and that they represent “art in its truest form.” “I’m certainly no expert, but if you look at ancient art and the renowned artists of the ancient times, they all somehow focused on the beauty of the human body,” the televangelist said.

They feel eclipsed by beauty and youth, and imagine that they are utterly ignored by men. Try telling Jerry Hall she’s invisible or Michelle Obama, or even Theresa May.

The world is stuffed full of attractive, sexy women in their 50s, in boardrooms, on the school run, on television. They pile on the pounds, don’t exercise, leave it for months before getting their roots done, slop around in old jogging bottoms, swap their stilettoes for Uggs and think make-up is for special occasions.

Not all of us aspire to emulate her hands-on style.

When I walk into a room, I don’t feel invisible — far from it.

I’d certainly not win any beauty parades for the over-50s, but I have standards that stop me disappearing: jogging bottoms do not pass the front door, apart from heading to the gym, and I never eschew the mascara and eyeliner — ever. I felt good after my workout — which made me happy.

Lo and behold, a rather attractive man in his 50s tried to chat me up. And that’s because I feel I’m making the best of myself. My friends joke that I’m so incorrigible I flirt with furniture. The truth is, I’m just interested in people, always have been. I like to use the example of one of my girlfriends, in her mid-50s and recently divorced after she found her husband’s lover’s rather explicit texts on his phone.

We are told that, for half of women, their confidence dwindles by the time they reach 51.

They’re threatened by even entering a room with an attractive young woman present.

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