Pros and cons of liquidating 401k

Since then I’ve used or evaluated Motif Investing, Acorns, Wealth Front, Future Advisors, and Jem Step.I’ve also used extensively the free Financial Dashboard offered by Personal Capital.he first so called Robo Advisor I recall is Betterment.Several years ago I met its founder, Jon Stein, and recently interviewed him for the podcast.Whether you choose a different CD or another option altogether, you should have a plan before you make any investment, says Kent Grealish, an hourly rate investment planner with Grealish Investment Counseling in San Bruno, California.

A bank certificate of deposit, known as a CD, can be a tempting target if you need cash in a hurry.A 2- or 3-year CD purchased last year may yield about 1%.Today, the top-yielding money market accounts also pay around 1%APY. Olberding is far from the only expert to express disdain for CD rates.But should you break your commitment to the bank and yourself to keep a big chunk of change in a CD for a specified period of time? One reason to ditch a CD before the end of the term might be the paltry interest rate, says Arlen Olberding, owner of Guidepost Financial Planning in Fort Collins, Colorado.CD rates are “not very attractive,” Olberding says.

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