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All weapons that are chambered for 5.56 can shoot .223. Most criminals will still find ways to get them why the law abiding get butt raped again by the man!!! It is because if the government is ever over thrown, It will be with guns like these. An assault weapon ban here a dangerous sniper rifle ban there, throw ammo registration and encoding in for good measure and pretty soon it won't seem like much of a step to just ban all firearms completely.Not all weapons chambered for .223 can shoot 5.5 due to the increased cylinder pressure of the NATO cartridge. But I did get a chance to hold some kind of .223 in my hands the other day. Buts its a free country we just dont have a say in anything, makes perfect sense. Its like the old analogy of the frog in boiling water. Slowly heat up the pan and he will just sit and boil.Are you ready to invest in yourself while contributing to our region?Then the Young Professionals of the Quad Cities is for you!The name of his business is Hilltop Gunshop and his name is Terry Douglas. I have an AK that I need re-parkerized and gun-koted.If anyone is interested in a rifle at all, contact me at [email protected] i will get you set up with about only a week wait time. In any case Ryan put together my AR-15 and it was an exceptional build.

and the wylde chamber accepts .223rem and 5.56 NATO ammo. I however dont so that with my newest one due to having to clean it every 20 rounds because the ammo is so dirty!

With being as busy as he is, i don't know if he'll be interested in the "repair" type work.

I think he is tryin to concentrate on selling AR's right now. I'm looking for a AR and I would like something local made. If you are just going to target shoot and thats it.

For anyone that is trying to buy a rifle right now knows that 1 week is an exceptional wait time since Rock River Arms and other various places are backordered for at least 6 months. Rifle shot 1 MOA at 100 yards as advertised and fed flawlesly.

Now is the time to buy as these kind of weapons are on the current administrations hit thanks jamie..check with him tomorrow.

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ROGERSVILLE-The Rogersville Bluegrass Festival is now Shades of Bluegrass Festival in Rogersville, Alabama.

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