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“We are certainly capable of taking on complexity,” she said.

“We have spent considerable effort evaluating our options, working with actuaries, and achieving consensus with stakeholders.” But GOP leaders said there’s no way the legislature could properly assess the Democratic governor’s proposal in a few days — or perhaps even a few hours.

Legislators are not the only ones still studying the challenge posed by the teachers’ pension fund.

Nappier said Wednesday that her office began researching options several months ago on how to to retire the pension bonds and to give the state more flexibility to deal with rising pension contributions.

Fasano said that deal should have waited until legislators and Malloy reached agreement on how to reduce pension and retirement health care benefits for state workers.

The New York native took to Instagram to post about the incident, writing, 'What my house got robbed, I thought I sold that MF. He posted about the incident on Instagram, writing 'What my house got robbed' adding, 'I thought I sold that MF'On Tuesday morning, the rapper's Farmington, Connecticut estate was swarmed by police after they were alerted of a possible intruder on the sprawling 17 acre property.That’s because the state borrowed billion in 2008 to shore up the teachers’ pension and pledged to its bond investors not to short-change pension contributions for the life of the 25-year bond issuance.In other words, if the state wants to pay less into the teachers’ pension than fund actuaries recommend — with a very limited exception — it needs to pay off the bonds first. The administration did not release details on how it would resolve the outstanding bond debt.“We really need to protect those aspects of the bond covenant …to ensure we are not slowing down or deteriorating our progress,” Nappier said.

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State employee unions, Malloy and the legislature agreed in early February to reduce total payments into the state employees’ pension between now and 2032 to mitigate a projected spike.

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