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This version was never aired in the US, but did air in the UK through 2002-2003 on their version of Fox Kids.In 2004, Phuuz Entertainment gained the license to the series and produced a dub similar to the Vitello dub, with the intention of being a "second season" of sorts.Purportedly 12 episodes were dubbed and released through VCD and DVD.This dub was translated from the Korean version thus it uses the Korean character names (such as "Jjanggu Shin" for Shin Chan) as well as retaining whatever censorship and visual edits the Korean dub had.Since each dub significantly deviates from the original in tone and plot to various extremes, examples specific to each dub are listed in their own separate sections.Currently, seasons one and two of the Funimation dub are on Hulu (though rated TV-MA).

Adding to that, he also displays a surprising amount of talent and ability in various activities (running, surfing, kendo, fishing, skiing, swimming and others).An interviewer suggested him to create some chapters dedicated to Barcelona.See more » If this could be rated 0 out of 10, I'd do it.There have been several attempts to dub the show in English.The first English dub was created by Vitello Productions and Lacey Entertainment, often referred to the "Vitello dub" which adapted 52 episodes.

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But, hopefully, Shin Chan will have the same length of run or less. But it's nothing but the animated equivalent of toilet humor.

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