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And even if there is a blizzard, chances are your biker buddy is in the garage, cursing over a pile of bolts and cotter pins and wondering: how in God’s name are there are parts left over? If We Are Around, We’re Late In the market for a gentleman? We Don’t Have (Much) Money Oh sure, there’s enough in the kitty for a burger and a beer, or maybe even to catch a flick. Let me be perfectly clear: Any hot single guy under 40 with a beautiful bike is likely to be as destitute as they come.

Here are five ways to save money on your motorcycle insurance: More exotic bikes or ones with bigger engines will cost more to insure than an entry level motorcycle with a smaller engine.

But lemme tell you about the move this Jackwagon on the 405 tried to pull on my way over here!

” If you were hoping to discuss Hunger Games or gossip about Kim and Kanye, consider yourself out of luck. Only Some Of Us Are Just because your beau has a motorcycle does not mean he’s a catch. Seriously, your vetting process should involve far more than your potential suitor’s mode of transpo.

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