Updating nvidia drivers debian

Unfortunately you need to now the following steps, since you otherwise might end up with an unusable system that just tells you that it couldn't load the right driver. Find out which driver you need - because nvidia sometimes decides to not include older cards in the newest driver versions, you need to find out if your card is still supported by the most recent driver (installed by the nvidia-glx package) or whether you might need to install a package with a specific version.

A little program called nvidia-detect helps you with this - open up a terminal window and install it with the following command: - after the install start it by entering: sudo nvidia-detect - if it tells you that you need "nvidia-glx" your card is still supported by the latest version and you can install the proprietary driver with the commands in the next step.

Now we have to install the non-free nvidia drivers, bumblebee and some related extra packages.

Installing bbswitch with dkms will automatically compile proper kernel module after any future kernel update.That’s why most Linux users having a laptop with optimus GPU faces problems like hot GPU(around 65° C), decreased battery life, roaring cooler fan etc. So if you are one of those lucky person with a optimus laptop and want to use your discrete GPU rather than turn off it totally, this tutorial is for you.This guide is specially for Debian and other directly Debian based distro like Kali Linux, LMDE etc.value is ff then the GPU is off, if the value is 00 then the GPU is on.To avoid auto load of nouveau and related modules after every reboot, they should be blacklisted.

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Bbswitch is the kernel module used to turn off and on the discrete nvidia GPU and non-free nvidia optimus linux drivers are the proprietary GPU drivers provided by nvidia.

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