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Aside from an early thread in which one of his divorced mother’s suitors (Marco Perella) turns out to be a manipulative alcoholic, the emotional landscape is as low-lying and green as the Texan suburbs, woods and creeks in which the film plays out.

Mason watches his mother fall in and out of love while she studies for a psychology degree, idles away visiting days with his semi-absent father, and endures the full spectrum of creative teasing from his sister.

Truffaut tried his hand at this with his Antoine Doinel films, which grew unexpectedly from 1959’s The 400 Blows to run for 20 years, as did Linklater himself in his Before Sunrise/Sunset/Midnight trilogy, in which we drop in on a couple, played by Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy, at nine-year intervals.

All have won major prizes at the International Rolls Royce Enthusiasts Annual show.

Also available are four pristine Vanden Plas Princess 7 seater limousines and an immaculate pair of white Rolls Royce Silver Shadows. The reputation Ivan and his drivers have acheived over the years is cherished and steadfastly maintained.

Ivan is particularly proud of the many hundred of "Thank You" letters and cards he has received from delighted customers.

Since 2002, just before he began work on School of Rock, the Texan director has been setting aside a few days every year to shoot what might be the biggest small movie ever made: a drama about a boy, Mason, growing up between the ages of six and 18.

The film has been talked about as a quirky side-project, but in its completed form it looks like the achievement of a lifetime.

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