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She would be worried sick.” As were his friends this time around. While colleagues on his upcoming film , costarring Adrien Brody and Jason Schwartzman, head to the Venice International Film Festival, Wilson will be in L.

Says one: “We’ve all been worried about him possibly doing drugs again.” Still, there were no clear signs Wilson was in serious trouble in the days before his crisis. A., as he put it, “healing.” Meanwhile, his friends are grateful that help came before it was too late.

held at the Aero Theater on Wednesday (November 1) in Santa Monica, Calif.

The 47-year-old actor was joined at the event by Joel Kinnaman, Jeffrey Wright, Luke Wilson, the Red Hot Chili Peppers‘ Anthony Kiedis, Rick Rubin, Matt Bellamy and his girlfriend Elle Evans and director Takuji Masuda.

Platt noticed that Wilson barely spoke during the editing process, keeping his stress and feelings to himself.

Then one day, when she walked into a nearby church, “I looked over and saw Owen kneeling on the floor.” Some 30 movies later, Wilson still fears failure.

“People can’t understand the pressures,” says Platt.

As the brothers headed out to get takeout dinner on the evening of Aug. The following day, as he ran out to Starbucks, his eyes were red-rimmed and puffy. I am just trying to be supportive.” What drove Wilson to an act of self-destruction that one friend calls “the most out-of-character thing”?

“It’s a very hard situation,” says Carolina Cerisola, an Argentinean salsa dancer who dated Wilson in 2004 and has remained close to him. Asked what brought him to this point, another good friend says, “It would be irresponsible to say it was any single thing. Owen is no different.” Those close to him know he is far more complex than the über-relaxed dude he has played to perfection in such hit films as .

An easygoing college dropout who loves to jog with his Australian cattle dog Garcia, flirt with girls at the beach and skateboard around his neighborhood, at times, friends say, he is also a moody loner who has long struggled with what, in a 2005 , which Wilson cowrote with longtime friend Anderson, who also directed the film.

Growing up an Irish Catholic in then mostly Protestant Dallas, he was proud of his intellectual parents—Robert managed the local PBS station, and Laura is an accomplished photographer—but he also felt the outsider.

Though a gifted writer, he was not a stellar student. Mark’s prep school in Dallas, he stole his geometry teacher’s textbook and copied out answers to an exam. He agreed to go to the New Mexico Military Institute in Roswell at the behest of his parents, and learned “to follow the rules there,” he told panel appearance with his brothers in Manhattan.

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