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Used in the late nineteenth century to refer to Chinese people using items from overseas (pens, clothes, etc.) and now refers to Chinese women who date and/or sleep with foreigners. A romantic relationship between a teacher and a student.

This word is often used in sports-when a soccer player scores a goal, a westerner might say Nice! Its meaning differs from the English meaning extremely nice and thoughtful in that it also connotes cutesy.

) means single and many people now use this term with nobility added to convey the idea that theres nothing wrong with being single and its something to be proud of, like something that noble people enjoy. We often say that a husband and wife start to look like each other as time goes by.

Somewhat along the same lines, many Chinese believe that a man and woman who share certain similar facial features will have a longer-lasting marriage, and thus match-makers might consider their fuqi xi`ang in debating their suitability for marriage.

And on top of all that, you never know what seemingly smoking hot girl is considered downright homely by Chinese beauty standards.

I have pointed out plenty of what I thought to be beautiful women, only to have Chinese friends reply musingly, Yes, its strange, my other Western friends think shes hot too. But perhaps we should just be glad that cross-cultural blindness is enabling people everywhere to get laid.

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