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With Xpress.com, there is an initial, visually-guided set up process that can get you online and narrow down your criteria in only a few minutes.

This means you can almost immediately start checking out the women on the site and honing your profile and messages to fit.

;)), but this was the sites stand out feature – the girls were great looking.

Not only that, but the ones that we talked to, met and dated were all genuine, nice women just looking for fun dates to go out on.

We made sure to get a reply back as quickly as possible, ideally when she was still online.

We knew that the chances were we were not the only guy that had caught her eye and that she would be emailing a number of guys at the same time.

It was also free of any type of scam and all the girls we came across were legitimate, and up for fun.This was obviously the best thing to do on this site, and any site were the women were being bold.Most other guys on this site didn’t seem to bother with this, so were losing out on all these hot, brazen women.Are you tired of dealing with the same tiresome processes that seem to go hand in hand with dating online?It seems to take forever to simply get started on most dating sites!

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Let us streamline that process and make it work for you.

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  1. They’ll pan for gold among tens of thousands to find a few pieces of gold. If they’re a different person than on their profile photo, bail! If the person has a Facebook profile with 10 friends, well that’s a dead giveaway as well. For example, we know people don’t use the word ‘wire’ in regular dating communications. Report to the local police and ask to be referred to their cyber crimes unit. The problem is, most of these scams are cross-border and it becomes tough to coordinate jurisdiction.